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AM Open House Consumer Open House Page for iPhone iPad and Android

Why AM Open House? We set out to make the Open House experience something that agents and consumers can enjoy. Let us help you take your MLS to the next level by offering simple and efficient technology for your users.

How would AM Open House benefit your MLS? With access to MLS data, AM Open House can integrate an agent’s information so they don’t have to. An agent can then seamlessly log into the app and already have all of their properties ready to go. Every time a user adds an Open House to the MLS, a new Open House is generated automatically in their dashboard.

We have a consumer facing app – can a buyer use that to sign in? Yes! We recently launched our API which allows developers from all over the world to work very easily with our system. Our vision is to connect people with the information they want and need quickly and easily, making the agent and consumer experience as streamlined as possible.

How can an MLS make money from AM Open House? We have launched a program in which we can share monthly or yearly revenue based on your MLS users’ activity.

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