AM Open House Completes 15th Connection

AM Open House Logo FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AM OPEN HOUSE REACHES MILESTONE WITH REAL ESTATE WEBMASTERS AS 15TH CONNECTION New York, NY (March 5, 2015) – AM Open House has now reached their 15th connection for their easy-to use Open House app and management platform. AM Open House streamlines the Open House process for real estate agents, buyers, investors and sellers. The AM Open House app uses a simple interface that keeps track of properties, consumer and broker Open Houses, while allowing customers to easily sign in and sign out. Unlike traditional means of gathering information, this app allows customers or clients to input information directly for better organization and follow up. Within minutes of a customer or client signing into an Open House, the AM Open House app and management platform will sync that lead to an existing CRM, allowing the agent to easily add that contact to a drip campaign. Users can now easily track their communication and follow up using the systems they already have in place. Current connections include BombBomb, Constant Contact, Contactualy, Follow Up Boss, Insightly, iXACTContact, MailChimp, PipeDrive, propertybase, RelateIQ, RealtyJuggler, SalesForce, Top Producer and WiseAgent. The newest addition to join the other 14 connections is Real Estate Webmasters. “As an industry leader, Real Estate Webmasters has thousands of clients already using their system. Connecting with them was a no-brainer,” says Anthony Mann, CEO and Founder of AM Open House. Mann has been a real estate agent for nearly 10 years. “One of the most important things of being a real estate agent and developing a tech product for the real estate industry was making sure that our product integrated with systems that agents were already using in their every day life,” says Mann. “Instead of just being a new shiny piece of technology, we wanted to provide a tool to agents that can truly add value to their business.” Learn more by visiting and follow AM Open House on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.  CONTACT: ANTHONY MANN (631) 972-5778 [email protected]