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Digital Sign InAM Open House Consumer Open House Page for iPhone iPad and Android

Digital Sign In Sheet

Auto Seller Report

Follow-up Emails

Lead Manager

Manage Properties

Multiple Devices

Lead ManagerAM Open House View your Buyers and Agents Page iPhone and iPad

Personalized Emails

Price Change Emails

Single Property Sites

Social Sharing

Template Emails

Text Messaging


Email Reporting

How do your emails stack up when they are sent to customers/clients?

  • See how many of your emails are delivered or are bounced
  • View when someone opens your email and what links are clicked
Email Stats

Email Templates

Want to change what emails people receive after an Open House?

  • Manage your email templates with ease online
  • No limits to the amount of templates you generate

Lead Management – Online

  Manage your leads online from your laptop or desktop using the AM Open House website.

  • Download CSV files
  • Send emails
  • View feedback
Sign Ins Online

Text Messaging

  Automatically send a text message to your sign ins with your single property website link.

  • Automatic send times
  • Custom templates
  • Single property website link
Text Message Integration

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