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AM Open House Consumer Open House Page for iPhone iPad and Android

**We offer a flat payment option for any size brokerage**

  • Yearly Brokerage App Purchases will not incur a set up fee ($999 per year)
    • Up to 5 FREE tablets (Limited Time Offer)
  • Monthly Brokerage App Purchases will be charged a $150 initial set up fee ($99 per month)
    • For Monthly Billing, once your app is built, you will be sent a separate invoice to set up recurring billing.
    • Your app will not be released to the app stores until the monthly billing is paid and subscribed.

  • 10 FREE Premium Accounts
  • Discount code for you, or your agents, to purchase additional premium accounts (30% off)
  • Discount code for you, or your agents, to purchase additional tablets (20% off)

  • You are not bound to stay in the contract for any amount of time. 
    • Yearly plans will be notified 30 days before the next invoice is due to be charged
    • Monthly plans will remain active until they are cancelled by you. Even if cancelled, all accounts will remain active for the duration of the month
      • Monthly plans are not billed on the first of each month. They are billed on the start date and proceed out 30 days from that date.


$150 Setup Fee
Custom Logo
Custom Colors
iOS® and Android™
10 Premium Accounts


All Monthly Benefits
No Setup Fee
5 FREE Tablets
2 FREE Months
Express Support