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Work Smarter, Not Harder with AM Open House for iPad®, iPhone® or Android™

AM Open House Login Page AndroidThe ink stops here! We’re taking the “pen” out of your next “open.” Grab your iPhone®, iPad® or Android™  device and head on over to your next Open House. AM Open House is a new app that was designed with agents, buyers, investors and sellers in mind. It uses a simple interface that keeps track of your properties, consumer and broker Open Houses while allowing customers to easily sign in and sign out. Unlike traditional means of gathering information, this app will allow your customers or agents to input information directly for better organization and follow up. Want to integrate with an existing CRM? AM Open House does that too. You can download your contacts from our website and upload them into a CRM at your convenience. Are you tired of the endless emails you have to send after your Open House? When it’s over, a customized email is automatically generated from you to your customers, allowing them to contact you with any questions or to place an offer. AM Open House can even help you find your inner social butterfly. Share your Open House with your network on Facebook and Twitter with just a click. With an Android™ device, you can also share with your network on Google+.

 AM Open House My Properties Page on iPadManage Your Properties

Managing your properties is extremely easy with the AM Open House app. The My Properties page is extremely simple, and with an easy click, you are brought to the details about your property. From here, you can view who has signed into any of the Open Houses you have held on your property and what feedback has been left on it. This is also where you can easily click the “Add Open House” button and get set up for your next Open House.  

AM Open House Consumer Open House Page for AndroidOpen House Details

The Consumer or Broker Open House page is what people will see when they walk into your Open House. There are two prominent buttons, “Sign In” and “Sign Out.” The sign in function takes your consumer or agent to their respective sign in page in order to input their information. Once this is done, it is immediately added to the database so you never have to worry about it again. When the Open House is over, this is also where you will end your Open House, by clicking the close button, and the app will automatically send a personalized email message from you. This email message will thank them for coming and provide them with your contact information.  

AM Open House View your Buyers and Agents Page AndroidView Your Buyers and Agents

Viewing the buyers and agents who have come to your Open Houses is extremely important. From this page, you can view all the sign ins and easily retrieve their phone numbers or email addresses. If you have the app installed on your phone as well, it will allow you to simply click the phone number or email address and immediately connect with them. Since the app updates in real time, you never have to worry about information not being available to you.  

AM Open House View Your Feedback Page AndroidView Feedback

Viewing feedback is essential to running a successful Open House. This is a very simple page that will provide you with the buyer or agent information as well as any feedback they left about the property. This allows you to see if you are getting recurring feedback in one place and allows you to show your seller what people are saying about their property.  

AM Open House Share on Facbook Twitter email and text message page on AndroidSocial Integration

Sharing on Facebook and Twitter is a breeze using this app. On the Open House detail page there is a “Share Open House” button that will automatically fill in the address, time, and date of your open house, inviting people to come because they know you are there! You can also send your Open House information via a text message or email to any additional contacts you wish to invite personally. Have an Android™ device? You can also share your property information Google+ and Instagram!

AM Open House Single Property Website page on AndroidSingle Property Websites

Every property that is added via the AM Open House app, or through the website is automatically given a single property website. They are mobile friendly and can easily be shared with customers or agents with just a few clicks. Anyone can view them from the web on their mobile device or they can be viewed from an internet browser on any computer.
My Properties Page on AM Open House Website

My Properties

The main dashboard of the website displays your properties. Easily add a property, edit a property, and view all your sign ins and feedback left. You can also view and delete your open houses.

Premium Features

Add New Property Page on AM Open House WebsiteAdd a Property on the Website

Add a property with ease. Add as many properties as you would like. You will find all the same fields as the app here and immediately upon clicking submit, your app will be updated and ready to be used without doing anything else.

Edit New Property Page on AM Open House WebsiteEdit a Property on the Website

You can easily edit a property by clicking the edit button and changing any and all information. If you make a price change, an email will be sent to every person who has previously been signed in to an Open House as well.

 CRM sync - AM Open HouseCRM Integration

AM Open House is fully integrated with five different CRMs. Any sign ins are now automatically synced to your CRM of choice between Contactually, iXACT Contact, SalesForce, PropertyBase and Top Producer.

view feedback for printing - AM Open HouseView and Print Feedback

Want an easy way to download and view feedback to give to your sellers? It’s very simple to do using the view all feedback page and is formatted to print out beautifully. This page will break down who left what feedback and the date it was left.

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